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Share your contact information with anyone, on any device

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Three ways we cover every stage of an introduction

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TLC captures the contact information of every new connection

TLC delivers your contact info to their phone (including social media and websites)

Then TLC sends a follow up email right after you meet

Oh, did we mention you can custom every step to match your brand and message?

All that for $15 a month

(less than a pack of business cards)

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Contact Info
Conact Capture
Automatic Followup
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We hand out thousands of business cards without any guarantee we'll reconnect with those potential connections. That's why Touchless Contact collects what matters most every time, their contact info! 

Next stop:
Capturing What Matters
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We understand what it means to make a first impression and the importance of getting it right. That's why we make it easy to leave a lasting impression with Touchless Contact

New connections receive a completely branded version of your contact information that they can add right into their contacts app. This includes your social media profiles, any websites, phone numbers, and emails all in one location. 

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First stop:
Innovative Impressions
that create Touchless Contact


Not only do we grab a name and an email, but we leave room for custom questions too so we can know a little more about the people we connect with.  

In your dashboard its easy to download this info and add it to any CRM of your choosing. Touchless Contact makes it easy to get ahead after a big event or presentation. 

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What's a first impression without an awesome follow up? Touchless Contact makes it easy to consistently let your connections know exactly who you are and how you can help, every time. 

Send them an automatic email with presentations, web sites, blog posts, or even other ways they can connect with you. 

Last Stop:
Smooth Landing

What's included with Touchless Contact 

Every Touchless Contact has access to a dashboard to edit each feature to best match their own personal branding and experience for new connections.


Within the dashboard users can:


- Customize the contact info delivered to new connections 


- Determine the information requested in Contact Capture


- Edit the content or message delivered to every new connection using the automatic follow up feature. 

The dashboard also includes reporting capabilities to show users engagement on their card and the ability to export that data to a CRM. 

All this for less than the cost of one order of business cards

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