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Stay Connected with Customers

Give customers a mobile option, the simple way

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All the benefits of a mobile option, without the drawbacks

Avoid the Spam Filter

Move past the call blockers and spam filters for your customers. Once your Touchless Contact card is saved onto their device, they will see your name and brand every time you call or text

Respect their privacy

Using a vCard to deliver contact information gives users much more privacy than downloading a mobile app from the app store. Not information exchange is necessary for your customers to get your contact info. 

A mobile landing page for everything else

Every Touchless Contact card comes with room for 15 phone numbers, 15 emails, 15 links, and spots for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter so customers can connect with you in all the ways they need too. 

Business Subscription

Touchless Contact offers a tremendous amount of value for companies who know it's a priority to engage with their customers on their mobile phone but do not have the need or resources to build a full blown mobile app. 

This is why we've build tools like Touchless Contact, to offer the "just right" mobile tech an everyday business can use to provide a great service and product to their customers. 

Included in every account is one Touchless Contact card that can be customized for your brand and business. Access the card through your TLC dashboard and also configure additional features such as Contact Capture or Automatic Follow-up. Within the dashboard we include a reports tab too so you can see how often customers are downloading your card.

This package also increases the downloads allowed on a monthly basis to ensure no customer is without your contact information. Please contact sales if you plan on delivering this content to more than 100,000 users. 

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